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Yearly Archives: 2018

Tony Bourdain

Tony Bourdain Tour

Our Anthony Bourdain BA Tour highlights parts of Tony's last trip to Bahia state. The late, great, Anthony Bourdain brought his popular CNN Parts Unknown travel show here to Salvador Brazil in June 2013. Since then we created and featured a (2-day) tour proudly named the Anthony Bourdain...

Salvador Brasil

Salvador Bahia Brasil

Welcome to Salvador Bahia Brasil, a truly dynamic destination with everything in play if exotic getaways give you a rush. Once the ex-capital of Brazil and the first colonial capital of the Portuguese empire, Salvador features a fascinating history that locals to this day continue to hold on to their mixed African, Brazilian...

Carnival Itinerary

Custom Carnival Packages

Choose from one of our Custom Carnival Packages to experience the euphoric party vibe at the world's largest Carnival street celebration in Salvador Brazil. Yes, that is right, we give you the freedom to create your very own Customized Carnival Package when you choose from an awesome selection of Carnival...