Carnaval 2020

Carnaval 2020

Thanks to increased demand from our growing international clientele our VIP Carnaval and New Year's tours are completely SOLD OUT. Our entire USA/Brasil travel team embraces the opportunity of sharing the warm friendly culture of Brasil with our international guests, as we continue to build on past successes with a core commitment to crafting a fresh, invigorating style of touring Brasil like a local for our select clientele in all the featured destinations we serve. Don't miss out on our 2021 VIP Salvador Carnaval Tour (Feb 12-16-2021). Tap HERE to get BCG newsletter.

While we boast the obvious positives of vacationing here in the warm tropics of Salvador and Bahia state, the most colorful time to visit Brasil is being here during the Christmas and  New Year's holiday season. But, without question, Carnaval is the best time to visit Brasil. Beginning with the weather in Brasil during December, January, and February, if you live in Europe or North America it's winter in December and the weather is cold. But, here in Brasil December represents hot fun in the summertime! When December rolls around, here in Brasil, it is all about being outdoors and the beaches are hot! If fabulous, pristine, beaches are your thing you'll love the scenic southern coast of Bahia Brasil!

Salvador Brasil is known worldwide for its wild festivals and sparkling beaches, making it an ideal destination for travelers looking to combine culture and relaxation on their vacation getaways - especially if you visit Brasil during our summer months December through March. Christmas in Brasil is a vacation experience you will never forget.

Fact, there are over 50 islands the mammoth (Bay of Saints) that wraps around the shores of tropical Salvador Bahia, the first capital of Brasil, and, now, the capital of the state of Bahia. On our exotic discovery excursions in Bahia state, you will experience an array of exciting array of optional activities to enjoy; authentic folkloric dance performances, live musical performances, your choice of water sports, including private sport fishing excursions in the Bay of Saints, private yacht excursions, hiking, biking, horseback riding, golfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and whale watching tours.

So, whether you join us here in Bahia to experience Salvador’s folklore, cultural, or our next-level Salvador Carnaval celebrations when pulsating rhythms of the trios electricos and camarotes rule the night, one thing is for sure, exotic, tropical, Bahia will be waiting for you to come and immerse yourself in all of our state’s splendor, grace, and glory.


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