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Brazil Carnival 2020

Our Salvador Brazil Carnival 2020 tour will be expanded thanks, in part, to our loyal clientele who helped us reach maximum guest capacity for our last Carnival 2019 tour party. Next year our VIP Salvador Carnival tour event drops on (Feb 21-25-2020) The euphoric party vibe at the world's largest Carnival street celebration is dope!

With Brazil Carnival 2020 fast approaching and demand for this ever-popular, one of a kind, tour event is limited, so, we invite those who didn't join us last Carnival to take a peek at our VIP Salvador Brazil Carnival 2020 party itinerary. February in Salvador Bahia Brazil during Carnival is like July in the USA - warm weather and the beaches are pure joy.

Your VIP Custom Carnival Package comes with our bi-lingual, private guide service and private airport and hotel transfers plus private transportation to all excursions that you select in your package.

Salvador Brazil Carnival 2020 Itinerary Overview:

Package dates (Salvador Bahia Brazil) Feb 21 thru Feb 25-2020

    • This package may be booked separately/add-on excursions to an existing itinerary with your travel agent.
  • Additional Trio rides and Camarote party excursions are available upon request (24-hour pre-booking required)
  • Book and pay for all Carnival excursions before Thursday, October 31, 2019, to get a generous 15% savings
  • Book and pay for your solo or group VIP Samba Club Package before Monday, December, 16-2019 to save 5%
  • Final payment for all featured Carnival excursions is due on Wed, Jan 15-2020

VIP Samba Club (3-Night) Party Package includes:

    • 1-Night Trio-Electrico Party Ride Service (Sat-Feb 22)
    • 1-Day Trio-Electrico Party Ride Service (Sun-Feb 23)
  • 1-Night Camarote Party Service (Mon-Feb 24)

VIP Samba Club (5-Night) Party Package includes:

    • 2-Night Trio-Electrico Party Ride Service (Fri-Sat-Feb 21-22)
    • 1-Day Trio-Electrico Party Ride Service (Sun-Feb 23)
  • 2-Night Camarote Party Service (Mon-Tue-Feb 24-25)
          • 3 Exclusive VIP Trio-Electrico Party Rides w/Costumes
          • 2 All-Inclusive Camarote Parties, Live Concert, DJ Music/Food/Liquor/Wine/Beer w/Costumes
          • Late Model SUV Transportation to Select Carnival Parties
        • VIP Areas/Tables (where applicable)
    • Airport 'Meet & Greet' and Transfer Upon Arrival
    • Welcome Orientation Lunch & Historic City Tour
    • Beach Getaway Day w/Private Guide Service (add-on/optional)
    • Exclusive Carnival Viewing Party from Private Yacht (add-on/optional)
    • All Saints Bay Island Cruise (add-on/optional)
    • Private Airport Transfers (Round-trip)
  • 24-hour Concierge Service Available
  • Final payment for all featured Carnival excursions is due on Wed, Jan 15-2020

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