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VIP Carnival Tour

VIP Brazil Carnival Package

Next February we're showcasing our exclusive VIP Brazil Carnival Package in Salvador Brazil with an authentic, power-packed, party itinerary that translates to an awesome (5-night) thrill-ride like you've never experienced before! The magic of Salvador Carnival is an awesome celebration of music that only happens here in the state of Bahia. It's a massive music street festival rockin' non-stop music up to 16-hours a day!

Salvador Brazil Carnival is the only place on the planet where you can experience the euphoric high of riding on top of a humongous trio-electrio down the streets of Salvador's sexy seaside district on a hot, steamy, tropical summer night.

We've had countless guests in the past who have told us that riding on a (trio-electrico) was their best travel experience ever! Riding and partying on (trio) with live bands playing is a rare privilege that most foreigners will never experience.

Salvador Carnival consists of seemingly endless streams of live bands parading along the streets of Salvador's seaside community playing on top of the big trucks called trios. There are six (6) main street parade circuits. During Carnival, on average, over 300 trio/music trucks slow-roll the streets of Salvador blasting samba beats until early morning hours.

Every year, Salvador Carnival attracts thrill-seekers from all parts of the globe making Salvador the primary Carnival destination for millions. If you've never visited Brazil, or you've been to Brazil (but) never to Salvador, and you love outdoor music festivals, Salvador Carnival is the perfect vacation getaway for you.

Looking forward to next year we're proud to say that our VIP Brazil Carnival Package, with unprecedented Insider Access, is a custom package designed exclusively for our U.S. clientele, that is only available to you here in Salvador thanks to our travel pros representing our parent company Brazil Carnival Group.

Our specialty tours are tailored for pro ballers actors entertainers and savvy travelers who want authentic travel experiences. We have senior staff advisers on our Bahia travel team with over (39) years of experience and we are afforded the unique opportunity of passing on the fruits of our Insider Access to valued Carnival clientele each year.

VIP Samba Club Carnival Package:

Brazil Carnival 2020 Tour Dates (Salvador Bahia Brazil) Feb 21-26-2020

Next year our (5-night) VIP Samba Club Packagedrops (Feb 21-25-2020) - (3-night) (Feb 22-24-2020)

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    • This package may be booked separately or as an add-on to an existing itinerary with your travel agent Additional Trio rides and Camarote excursions are available upon request (24-hour pre-booking required)

Last update: 7/11/19

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