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BA Carnival Guide

Brazil Carnival Guide

This Brazil Carnival Guide is a quick must-read if you're finally ready to escape your 'real-life' boundaries and rock Carnival in Brazil; especially if this is your first time experiencing the world's largest Carnival street celebrations in Salvador. First things first, you must understand that the right way to rock Salvador Carnival is to party in a Camarote.

We recommend our VIP Samba Club Package with insider access to the best All-in-Inclusive Camarotes party venues. Yes, that's right, the best way to really party and dance to non-stop live music is to party in a Camarote. Camarotes on the seaside city streets are the perfect venues to eat, drink and party to live bands, DJ club mix and watch the seemingly endless procession of (trio-elétricos) (giant tractors w/live bands) that move at near turtle's pace along Salvador's six main street parade circuits.

As it relates to Salvador Carnaval, the Portuguese translation of the word 'Camarote' is a private party venue versus the public option. Often called party boxes, Camarotes are venues that line the Carnival parade circuit from which you can watch Carnival blocos and (trio-elétricos) as they pass in front of your Camarote rolling very slowly. Camarotes also function as a party inside the party complete with DJ's, live bands, bars, food facilities, as well as, other types of entertainment options from chill rooms to internet rooms.

So, if you really love dancing and partying to heart-pounding samba/axé-reggae beats and sick rock n roll rhythms, treat yourself to an All-Inclusive Camarote with an awesome circuit view. To this end, we recommend our VIP Samba Club Package as a surprisingly affordable option offering you the best that Salvador Carnival has to offer, featuring the ultimate Carnival high, riding and partying atop a (trio elétricoswith a band performing right next to you! Our Salvador based travel team consist of high character, experienced, bilingual guides, and security personnel who'll allow you to party with peace of mind, safe and secure.

Are all Camarotes the same? They're all variations, however, viewing venues on the parade circuit or beach are a party within the party! Some Camarotes are all-inclusive meaning all food/beer/wine/liquor/caipirinhas are included in entry price. Others offer an open-bar all your drinks are included, but charge for food separately, while others offer free beer, but charge for the cocktails. And then, there's the difference in the quality of the food. Some Camarotes have their party catered by the best restaurants in Salvador while at another Camarote, you may only find more basic buffet style food offerings.

All Camarotes have some form of club action with a dance floor held down by a DJ. Some Camarotes invite national renowned and international DJ's to hype the party. Again, the best, and most expensive of the Camarotes book top international/national singer/bands and these Camarote concerts rock!

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