Maraú Peninsula

Marau Bahia Peninsula

Marau Bahia Peninsula is the hidden gem in fabulous Bahia state. When you vacation in Maraú you’ll venture onto the road less traveled. Worthy of being your personal paradise destination Maraú is the perfect peaceful getaway from ‘real world’ realities. Marau Bahia Peninsula on the sexy Southern ‘Dendê Coast’, is a paradise of secluded beaches, coral reefs, freshwater lagoons, and protected bays. The Marau Bahia Peninsula is quickly becoming one of Brazil’s ‘next’ beach destination hot spots.

Home to some of the world’s greatest natural beauty, Bahia’s Southern ‘Dendê Coast’ will enchant you with its lush vegetation, miles of virgin beaches, flavorful gastronomy and other tasty traditional dishes born from the diverse cultures in this region.

If you love distant island getaways the Maraú Peninsula is paradise found. The peninsula wraps around one of the largest bays in South America, Camamú Bay, featuring waterfalls and innumerable calm waterways.

Known for its thriving eco-tourism appeal, Maraú is the perfect place to become familiar with the friendly culture and warm, peaceful people and the pristine natural surroundings. Visit the spectacular deserted beaches and estuaries of southern Bahia in Maraú, where at low tide it's protective offshore reefs with uniquely calm and warm natural pools ideal for snorkeling.

Hiking, kayaking, and lake or deep sea fishing are the perfect compliments to a vacation without much to do – if ‘chilling out’ is your preference. The longest beaches are located on the ocean side of the Peninsula.

With strong waves, good for surfing, they have white sand and coral reefs which form natural swimming pools at low tide. On the other side of the Peninsula, facing the Camamú Bay, beaches are smaller with calm water. Simply stated, vacationing on the Southern Bahia coast is awesome!

We feature non-fixed (5-Day/4-Night) getaway excursions from Salvador to the Marau Bahia Peninsula that we can make private arrangement for couples on honeymoons, anniversaries, or even school, work reunions; including small private groups, and corporate retreats. Guest accommodations offer by our Banian travel partners at beachfront Dreamland Bungalows with it's 'eco-luz' beachfront bungalow-style rooms with Atlantic ocean views.

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