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Folkloric Show

(Bahia by Night Tour)

Our Bahia by Night Tour features folkloric dances and songs are presented in a spectacular manner, featuring pulsating rhythms, sensual movements, and beautiful costumes. The variety of songs and dances, such as the Nigerian Yoruba Religious style (Candomble), the Fisherman's Rituals, and the Samba Dance, will prepare the audience for the climax of the show. The show reaches its zenith during the "Capoeira", a Brazil's form of martial arts.

This magical evening starts off with dinner, an International Buffet which also features local Bahian delicacies. You'll be treated to a delicious dinner buffet at our partner restaurant located in the historic Pelourinho district. At this informal affair you can get a taste of the popular dish feijão that is essentially a flavorful stew of beans with beef and pork, its name derives from the Portuguese word feijão, meaning 'beans'.

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