Hey, Andre, we had a blast in Salvador thanks to you. Rio was super and the sightseeing was awesome, but you showed us so much of Bahia in just three days and four tours. We'll try to get to Itacare next time we get back to Bahia. It's too bad what that oil spill is doing to the beautiful beaches in southern Bahia:-( My girlfriend and I really like your style:-)

Brooke A. (New York, NY),

i dont put mis fotos on the net but im sending este email to your site to say thanks to andre for being our guide in salavador, andre showed mi grupo mucho en dos días turisticos we love salvador! gracias andre!!

Miguel R. (Cancun, Mexico),

Andre, you're awesome!  Your historical city tour was awesome too!

Veronica E. (Orlando FL),

Spending Thanksgiving in Salvador was more than we ever expected. And my boyfriend and I thought we would miss Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house, the food in Salvador was crazy good! Thanks guys!

Tracie T. (New York NY),