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  • Tour: Sold Out

    Tour: Sold Out

    (Brazil New Year's Tour) Our VIP Brazil New Year's Tour in Salvador is on again! This year we'll party on…

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  • Carnival Tour

    Carnival Tour

    (Salvador Brazil Carnival) Our next VIP Carnival Tour drops on February 21-25-2020. Book your 'All Access' Carnival Package before October…

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  • Afrocentric Tour

    Afrocentric Tour

    (African Heritage City Tour)  Our Salvador African Heritage City Tour is truly an engaging, entertaining, journey of discovery.  This very…

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  • Folkloric Show

    Folkloric Show

    (Bahia by Night Tour) Our Bahia by Night Tour features folkloric dances and songs are presented in a spectacular manner,…

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  • Panoramic Tour

    Panoramic Tour

    (Salvador Panoramic Tour) Our Salvador Panoramic Tour begins along Centenary Avenue where we will stop for a photo opportunity of…

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  • Cruisin’ w/Tony

    Cruisin’ w/Tony

    (Island Cruise Tour) Five years ago I proudly worked for Anthony Bourdain & crew with logistics when Tony filmed a Parts Unknown…

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  • Paradise Tour

    Paradise Tour

    (Maraú Peninsula Getaways) Marau Peninsula Getaways take you to some of the world’s greatest natural beauty, Bahia’s Southern ‘Dendê Coast’…

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  • Cachoeira Tour

    Cachoeira Tour

    (Good Death Festival Tour) The Good Death Festival Tour celebrates the Sisterhood of the Good Death organization that originated in Bahia…

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  • Olodum Live

    Olodum Live

    (Olodum VIP Party Night) Our Olodum VIP Party Night affords you the opportunity to party and dance to, perhaps, the best drumming…

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