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Afro Brazil Tours

Afro Brazil Tours

Our authentic Afro Brazil Tours take you on a journey of discovery that explores the fascinating dynamics of African Diaspora in Salvador Bahia Brazil. Salvador was the first capital of Brazil and remained so for over 200 years.

With an undeniably unique Afro-Brazilian flavor, Salvador Brazil has the most African influence anywhere in the world. In fact, the state of Bahia has the most population of African descendants outside the African continent.

For all of us who have succumbed to the natural beauty of Bahia and the sultry human vibe that you feel on the streets of Salvador in Bahia’s tropical summer heat, it is always a joyful blessing when Carnival season arrives.

You don’t have to dance in the streets to know that you’re at the epicenter of the greatest annual energy field created on the planet but it helps. Just feel the rhythm in your soul and become part of the magic of Carnival here in Brazil.

Besides our outrageously wild and popular Carnival tours, we craft exclusive travel packages that are custom-made adventures with your personal wishes incorporated into every aspect of the master plan for your Brazil getaway. Our heritage tours trace the first steps of African slaves when they arrived in Salvador aboard ships from West Africa.

The main destination and focal point of our Afro-Brazilian Heritage tour will be the Pelourinho District, the most important historical center of colonial architecture in Latin America. Pelourinho has the largest collection of Baroque colonial architecture in Latin America, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This tour includes a delightful group lunch in Pelourinho and a special visit to the Afro-Brazilian museum.

You'll visit the first slave market in Brazil; the First African Church in the Americas, built in 1704 - dine at restaurants and shop at art galleries/souvenir stores in the Pelourinho district owned by black Afro-Brazilian entrepreneurs who are direct decedents of African slaves who were once bought and sold in the Pelourinho. Pelourinho, which means ‘whipping stick’ in Portuguese, was the first place slaves were auctioned off to slave traders upon arrival in Salvador.

Additionally, we offer more intimate excursions like a half-day cooking class in Salvador's historic district; discover the secrets of cooking some of Brazil’s most popular, homegrown, foods born out of slavery like Moqueca or Feijoada.

There is no better place to learn how to prepare authentic Afro-Brazilian foods than here in Salvador. Bahia’s strong sense of cultural identity, with African, Native Brazilian and European influences, has made Bahia a mystical land with rich folk culture.

Our experienced (licensed) tour guides are always exploring and reexamining the cultural contributions of ‘Mother Africa’ on daily life in Bahia past and present. We strive to keep this excursion fresh in its appeal and presentation.

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