Brazil New Years Party

BCG Brazil New Years Party in Salvador Bahia is happening again! This year we'll party on a private yacht with live music, great food, open bar, DJ rockin' your playlist while docked off Barra beach, where you'll witness an amazing fireworks show when the clock turns midnight ringing in the New Year 2019. New Year's Eve in Salvador Brazil for the first time will be a total blast! There is little doubt that after you've spent your first New Year's holiday in Bahia's hot summer fun you'll never be the same.

Celebrating New Year's in Brazil is different from partying out in the freezing cold weather in New York, or Las Vegas for New Year's Eve. Salvador is a prime destination for warm tropical weather in December.

If you've never been to Brazil you must understand that Brazil is simply an amazing country to visit with all the wonders of nature in play. Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia (BA-HEE-A). Often referred to by many as the Soul of Brazil, Bahia is an exotic tropical haven in northeastern Brazil.

Located at the mouth of the massive Bay of Saints, the weather here in Salvador is similar to The Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. So, you get an idea of what our New Year's Eve beach parties are like. What a rush you'll get partying on your private schooner docked off Barra beach with DJs poppin' your tunes, champagne flowing, and pulsating samba beats rockin' your inner soul!

This exclusive 8-day/7-night New Year's Getaway package is our best offering to date.

  • Depart: USA - Friday, December 27-2019
  • Arrive: (SSA) Salvador Airport - Bahia, Brazil - Saturday, Dec 28-2019
  • Transfer to: Praia do Forte - Bahia, Brazil - Saturday, Dec 28-2019
  • Transfer to: Salvador - Bahia, Brazil - Thursday, December 30-2019
  • Depart: (SSA) Salvador Airport - Bahia, Brazil - Friday, Jan 03-2020
  • Arrive: USA - Saturday, January 03-2020

Awesome 4-nights in beautiful Praia do Forte Bahia at the highly regarded (5-star) Tivoli Eco-Luxury Resort to help you recoup from travel fatigue. The Monte Pascoal Beach Hotel in Salvador will be our home for 2-nights of holiday bliss featuring our Private Yacht New Year's Eve Party. Our 12-day/11-night package treats you to a fabulous 5-night stay on the Maraú Peninsula on Bahia’s Dendê Coast. The Maraú Peninsula is a paradise of isolated beaches, coral reefs, freshwater lagoons, and protected bays. Deluxe accommodations on the peninsula are at Dreamland Bungalows.

We'll stay at three exceptional properties this year for New Year's in beautiful Bahia Brazil.

Note, this package can also be booked as follows:

  • 12-day/11-night Diamond Holiday Package (Dec 27-Jan 06-2020)

Remember, after you have experienced your first New Year's holiday in Bahia's hot summer fun you'll never be the same!

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