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Festa da Boa Morte

Festa da Boa Morte aka Sisterhood of the Good Death Festival is one of the most important events in the Bahia state's Afro-religious calendar takes place every August in the northeastern city of Cachoeira Bahia, one of the towns in the region known as Recôncavo Baiano. Northeastern Brazil, is known for its abundance of Afro-Brazilian rituals which blend elements from Catholicism and Candomblé - a religion with Yoruba origins brought to Brazil by African slaves.

Baianas-at-the-Boa-Morte-FestivalThe feast is held around August 15, the date when Catholics celebrate the Assumption of Mary. It is organized by Irmandade da Boa Morte (Festa da Boa Morte), an organization created in the early 19th century and formed exclusively by mature black women. The founders' descendants have carried on the feast's core traditions and worked to maintain their integrity even though the impressive growth of the event's touristic appeal in the last few years.

As part of our African Diaspora Tours series in Brazil, we offer an annual group tour to Cachoeira Bahia for the Festa da Boa Morte event. Our African Diaspora Tours series featuring the Festa da Boa Morte group tour (August 13-19-2018) Depart Miami (MIA) International Airport on Monday, August 13, arrive Salvador (SSA) on Tuesday, August 14. Return to MIA on Monday, August 20-2018.  (This tour excursion can be booked separately or with your existing itinerary)

A living tribute of African Diaspora in Brazil is Festa da Boa Morte originated in Salvador Bahia at a time when Blacks were denied access to Catholic ceremonies. Consequently, religious rituals combining Catholic and Candomble practices were carried out in secret. Soon, several churches practiced this combination of religions. As time passed, The Sisterhood of the Good Death in the back-bay city of Cachoeira was the only one to survive. Their annual festival (attended by followers from around the world) is held in August.

This tour can be booked separately or with a customized group package that is combined with our African Heritage City Tour that explores Salvador's historic Pelourinho District,  once a major slave market and home to Salvador's Afro-Brazilian museum. We welcome single travelers and travel groups (4-35) to join us for this must-see fascinating Candomblé religion festival. It’s worth a special trip to Cachoeira, a small hamlet about 2 hours, by luxury coach, west of Salvador da Bahia, to witness this special event.

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