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Marau Bahia Brazil Tours

Marau Bahia Brazil tours showcasing the Maraú Peninsula and Morro de São Paulo are two fabulous vacation destinations on Bahia's sexy southern coastline. Morro de São Paulo is one of our most popular island getaways in the state of Bahia. Morro is just a short boat ride from Salvador and Maraú to Salvador is about the distance from Los Angeles to San Diego California.

Our Maraú Peninsula getaway trip is the perfect chaser for a Carnival hangover, so we've partnered up with our friends at Dreamland Bungalows; a beachfront pousada (B&B style property) where our guest can chill and recharge. This after Carnival retreat (Feb 14-19-2018) can be booked separately or added to your Samba Club package at time of initial booking.

BarIf you’re seeking isolated pristine beaches and an insight into traditional coastal life we encourage you to consider the opportunity to experience the warm hospitality of the friendly people in the Maraú Peninsula region. When you vacation in Maraú, you’ll venture onto the road less traveled. Worthy of being your personal paradise destination, Maraú is the perfect peaceful getaway from real-world realities. The Maraú Peninsula on Bahia’s Southern ‘Dendê Coast’, is a paradise of sensuous beaches, coral reefs, freshwater lagoons and protected bays.

Bahia’s ‘Dendê Coast’ is home to delicious Bahian gastronomy and other tasty traditional dishes born in this region. If you love seafood you'll love traveling and exploring the Southern Coast of Bahia Brazil. The longest beaches are located on the ocean side of the Peninsula. With strong waves, good for surfing, the ocean side has white sand beaches and coral reefs which form natural swimming pools at low tide. On the Peninsula side, facing Camamú Bay, the beaches are smaller with calm water.

All season long we offer getaways from Salvador to the Maraú Peninsula for couples, small private groups, and corporate retreats. Accommodations are ‘ecoluz’ bungalow style with Atlantic ocean views.

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