Olodum Live

Olodum Live Party Night

For decades Tuesday nights represents an unforgettable evening of music by the international renown Olodum. Moreover, when the Tuesday falls on the week before Salvador Carnaval kicks off there is no better place to be if you love samba music. So, on Tuesday (Feb 18-2020) we extend a special invitation to you to party with us at this star-studded, annual, pre-carnival edition of Olodum's Tuesday night jam sessions in Salvador's historic Pelourinho district. Hundreds stand outside the door of the open courtyard, Praça Tereza Batista, where Olodum holds their Tuesday night live performances.

Tuesday night, Pelourinho's famous "Terça da Bença" (Tuesday of Blessing), originally designating the day Saint Francis of Assisi would distribute food to the needy. Since the 1970s, the people of Pelourinho in Salvador choose to commemorate this day with political, social, cultural and musical events. On most Tuesdays in (Pelo) the historic center is jam-packed with people eating, drinking and dancing; it's a chaos of bodies in celebration of life!

Not familiar with the group Olodum, or samba reggae music? Grupo Cultural Olodum is a cultural/music group based in the Old Town Pelourinho district of Salvador, the capital city of the state of Bahia, Brazil. Olodum and it's founder, percussionist, Neguinho do Samba, is widely credited with developing the music style known as samba reggae and for its active participation in Salvador Carnaval each year since 1969. Neguinho do Samba, created an innovative mix of the traditional Brazilian samba beat with meringue, salsa, and reggae rhythms that we now know as samba reggae.

Amazingly this afro blocos' music is closely tied to its African roots, as seen through its percussion instruments, participatory dancing, and unique rhythm.  It also directly draws from many Caribbean cultures, like Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Olodum's performing band has released records in its own right and has been featured on recordings, videos and concerts by American superstars Michael Jackson and Paul Simon, as well as Brazilian stars Simone and Daniela Mercury.

One thing for sure, when you party with Olodum in Pelourinho you won't be able to stop moving once the pulsating Bahian rhythms start to flow through the building from this magical musical group. Perfect jump-start to your Carnival experience!

Anthony Bourdain entertains the idea that Olodum drummers are the best in the world; tap here for article

This electric evening starts off with dinner featuring local Bahian delicacies. You'll be treated to a delicious dinner at our partner restaurant located in the historic Pelourinho district a short walk from the Olodum's performance venue.

Olodum Party Night excursion (Tuesday, Feb 26-2019) includes:

  • Hotel transfers to Olodum venue Pelourinho district
  • BCG Premium Private Guide/Translation Service
  • Event Venue Entrance Fees Paid in Advance
  • Reserved dining at popular Pelourinho restaurant
  • This excursion includes a complimentary bottle of wine per guest
  • Introductions/Photo Ops with Olodum band members
  • Special VIP Perks/Seating/Viewing area offered when available
  • Book our Olodum Pre-Carnival Party excursion before Jan 31-2019 and save 5% off quoted excursion price

This excursion may be booked separately with your booking agent as an add-on excursion to your existing travel itinerary.

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(Take a look (below) at Michael Jackson's video performance with Grupo Olodum filmed in Pelourinho directed by Spike Lee)