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Bahia Carnival

Salvador Carnival Tour

Our exclusive 2019 Salvador Carnival Tour in Salvador Brazil offers you our most, authentic, pulse-pounding, vacation experience ever! This awesome thrill ride is your's for the taking if you get a rush from over-the-top music, food & drink!

Salvador Carnival 2018 has come and gone again and this year was a total blast! Once again the music was king at this one of a kind Carnival music celebration on the streets of Salvador Bahia Brazil. Now, looking back on this year's experience our guest were treated to an awesome experience that they'll remember for a lifetime. This year we were blessed with the excellent weather! We experienced little or no rain with warm, not hot days which are typical during the summer months in Brazil.

Words can't explain the adrenaline rush of excitement you'll get when your body feels the energy sensation of the incredible samba sounds roaring from the trios-electricos while you party and dine in style enjoying local culinary delights. Besides the high energy activities that our exclusive Salvador Carnival Tour offers you at this world famous international music event in tropical Bahia Brazil, we'll flavor your Carnival experience with exclusive excursions that explore less-traveled corners of Salvador and Bahia state, with the sole intent of ensuring you a unique, comprehensive travel experience.

For sure, Salvador Carnival is a music lover's dream!

Looking forward to next year we're very proud that our VIP Salvador Carnival Package, with unprecedented Insider Access, is a customized package designed exclusively for our U.S. clientele, featuring Carnival excursions that are only available to you here in Salvador thanks to our travel pros representing our parent company Brazil Carnival Group.

Salvador Brazil Carnival is the only place on the planet where you can experience the euphoric high of riding atop an awesome, humongous, trio-electrio down the streets of Salvador's sexy seaside Barra circuit on a hot tropical summer night in Brazil.

Our Salvador Carnival Tour affords us the unique privilege of offering music lovers a once-in-your-lifetime travel experience featuring our exclusive Carnival packages with VIP on-stage trio-electrico Insider Access. Because we have senior staff advisers on our Bahia based travel team with over (38) years of Carnival experience in Salvador, we're afforded the unique opportunity of passing on the fruits of our Insider Access to valued Carnival clientele each year.

That's right, you'll be afforded the rare privilege of partying to live bands blasting non-stop music atop music tractors (trios-electricos) while they slowly roll down historic Salvador city streets in front of thousands of street participants, onlookers and millions of TV viewers worldwide.

We've had countless guests in the past who've told us that 'riding on one of the giant trio-electrico was their best travel experience ever'. Without question, our Salvador Carnival tour is the perfect bucket list getaway for you!

Simply stated, this customized Insider Access tour exposes you to the best that Salvador Brazil Carnival has to offer. Our 5-night (VIP) Party Package with optional deluxe hotel lodging offers you the Ultimate Urban Street Safari: must-experience, over-the-top, high energy, trios-electricos parties, all-inclusive parade viewing venues and maximum thrill excursions that are unique to our service mix.

Let our bilingual guides show you a side of Salvador Carnival that most Brazilians never see. Don't forget, the seasons are reversed here in Brazil during Carnival, so it is summertime and the entire country comes alive during our summer months of December, January, and February.

(Save 5% - Book and pay for your solo/group Samba Club Package before January 31-2019)

Next year our (5-night) VIP Samba Club Carnival Package drops (March 01-05-2019)

Our (3-night) Samba Club Package is scheduled on (March 02-04-2019)

We invite you to extend your stay in Bahia state as we host our post-carnival retreat (March 05-09-2019) on the Maraú Peninsula with our partners at Dreamland Bungalows for some serious chill time on the quiet pristine beaches of southern Bahia.

We specialize in tropical Brazil getaways for the savvy traveler who demands the ultimate in privacy and peace of mind when traveling the world. We craft custom tours that match perfectly with professional ballers, actors & entertainers from the USA.

VIP Samba Club Package Overview:

  • Unprecedented Insider Access to an array of Exclusive Excursions
  • Exclusive VIP Rides on Top of Music Trios-Electricos w/Costumes
  • All-Inclusive Parade Viewing Venue/Food/Drinks/Live Bands/w/Costumes
  • Fully Customized Package Options
  • Optional Deluxe Hotel Accommodations
  • Luxury Vacation Options Available
  • Distinct Dining Options/Private Guide On Call
  • Private Reception/Historical District Orientation Tour w/Lunch
  • Private Airport/Hotel Transfers/featured Carnival activities transportation
  • Dedicated Guides at your service at featured Carnival activities
  • Single guest package rates available
  • Special trip add-on After Carnival Retreat to Maraú Bahia with accommodations at Dreamland Bungalows
  • Tap this link to view our 2019 (5-night) VIP Salvador Carnival Itinerary

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